8. Engagement Session

8. Engagement Session

Engagement Session … hmmm I realized that wedding pictures can be taken by the best photographers or by freaks with great courage. I will write more about this theme soon. Now I would like to write just few words about engagement photography. Yesterday I created my Pinterest album – Engagement inspiration and I realized the same about engagement pictures. The simpler the better!

Nothing fake or emotionless, as fashion often is. Pure joy, happiness and beauty are the happiest moments for couples. They don’t even need a stylist or a makeup artist. They only need their own beautiful smile and a very good photographer.

I saw such amazing engagement pictures, which were done at any places. You can take them at the beach, in the backyard or in downtown. You can use a bike, yacht, favorite frozen yoghurt shop, or just the sun. If there is good mood, smile and experienced photographer, the final pictures will be amazing. Relaxed time is really important and that is something what we have comparing to the wedding day! Time to just be happy and enjoy the photo session. No stress or rushing around as during the wedding. I saw really fabulous pictures and they were better than pictures from famous fashion photographers taken for well known magazines. Just because real life was present in them.

If you live somewhere else than in South Florida it’s a bit harder for me to do engagement pictures for you because of the distance. But if your wedding destination is South Florida I could do a bridal photography session instead of the engagement photo shoot. Will talk about bridal sessions in my next blog post. In the meantime take a look at my wedding web page and for inspiration look at my Pinterest Engagement Inspiration album.

If you want to know more about our engagement sessions, take a look here on our Engagement Photographers page.


Yes, and if we are by Pinterest, I created for you also album full of amazing styling inspirations. So enjoy!


If you plan your wedding or engagement soon, visit our Wedding Meets Fashion web page and contact us.
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