6. Wedding Photographer Equipment

6. Wedding Photographer Equipment

Maybe most common question I’m getting from my clients and friends.
It’s about Wedding Photographer Equipment.
Q: What equipment do you use?

I have really simple answer guys.
A: Sorry but, why do you ask me about my equipment, if you saw my photos?
If I’m using the best camera in the world, would you like my work more?
Or if the pictures were taken with an old camera or iPhone, will it make it worse?

Do you even know what camera or lens is better than the other one?

But if it’s really important for you, I’m using:

NIKON professional cameras
NIKON wide variety lenses from 10/2,8 till 200/2,8
NIKON flash
PocketWizard III flash triggers
BOWENS travel pack flash unit
Apple computer
Adobe Photoshop software

UPDATE to my equipment. I’m using Sony PRO equipment already.


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