2. How do I find the right Professional Wedding Photographer?

2. How do I find the right Professional Wedding Photographer?

We all know that wedding days can be very stressful, especially if things start to run late. The last thing you want is to feel rushed on your wedding day. You should be relaxed, happy and focused on what’s important: marrying your life partner and celebrating with your loved ones. The best way to do this is with a well-planned timeline that gives you more than enough time for your photographer to capture those gorgeous portraits.

Beware of the wedding photographer who did their sample pictures with models. You should do some research before contacting any photographer.

There are a lot of beginners who can take some really nice pictures with models for their web page and promotion. Why is that bad? It’s easier to take great pictures when you have the time, you are not in a rush, and the models are in a peaceful mood. You can choose the right place, right time, and you have a lot of time. But a wedding is something really different.

I realized that wedding pictures can be taken by the best photographers or by freaks with great courage. But there are so many factors that you can’t predict: from rain, light, time stress, distractions and many, many more. So the photographer really has to know his equipment, technical skills, and how to work with light and create beauty under stress. You have to be a great fashion photographer, but also a journalist.

If I had to choose my wedding photographer, I would first look at his work and then at reviews from his customers. But also time, meaning how long he has been in business. Experiences are irreplaceable. And yes, it also depends on your taste. If you are esthetic, finding the right photographer will be longer and more expensive.

But always remember… Ask any former bride or groom what they value the most from their wedding day and they’ll tell you, “Our wedding photos!”


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