5. How many Wedding Pictures will we get?

5. How many Wedding Pictures will we get?

This is a question I’m getting from each client and there is no answer to that question except – you will get all good pictures.

During your wedding day I’m taking approximately 1,000 – 2,000 pictures, depending on the wedding duration and chosen package. On at least half of those pictures you will have closed eyes, flash didn’t fire, person walked in front of the lens, those are true outtakes.

For example, if I shoot commercial and I need as a final result a perfect group picture of 5 people, we are sometimes doing it for 2-3 hours and I could take 1,000 snaps. So just for one perfect group shot of 5 groomsmen I need at least 50 pictures. I do 2-3 snaps for each important image. So don’t be surprised if you will get 300 pictures from 3,000 snaps. I never promise you will get all the pictures from the wedding.

And yes, 300 – 500 is average of what you will get from me. If you ordered Formal Wedding Portraits only, don’t expect 100 pictures, even if it took more then an hour of shooting time. I need at least 10 – 20 hours just to chose the best images and then dozens minutes to edit just one picture. And if you ask me about RAW pictures, No, these files are not available for viewing or purchase. This is very much like asking your caterer to give you the leftover ingredients used to make your dinner. The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect our very high standards and everything else is not archived in the studio.


You will get usually 15 – 40 final images from me in a special selection. If you choose magazine style editing package you will get magazine style, high quality photographs according to the order quantity. I just wrote new article about Special selection.


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