13 most important Q&A for hiring me as a wedding photographer

13 most important Q&A for hiring me as a wedding photographer

If we needed a photographer today why would we book you? What makes you unique?

Here is 13 most important Q&A:
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1. Why hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

2. How do I find the right Professional Wedding Photographer?

3. When do I speak with my Professional Wedding Photographer?

4. How much does a Professional Wedding Photographer cost?

5. How many Wedding Photographs should I get?

6. Used Equipment

7. Negotiating wedding photography prices

8. Engagement Session

9. Bridal Session

10. My Photography Style

11. How long has the photographer been shooting weddings?

12. What about wedding photography albums?

13. Why Wedding Meets Fashion?

And one more question – Would you rather have a happily fed photographer, or one that is thinking about how hungry they are?

Since most couples have never hired a photographer, it’s important to know the fundamentals that make great photos. I believe the most important technical skills for wedding photography are clean exposure, accurate color and being consistent through the event.

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All our 13 most important Q&A for hiring us as a wedding photographer you can find here.


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