Trash the Dress Session in the Ocean

Trash the Dress Session in the Ocean

That’s the Question! What is more useful?
To leave your wedding gown in a box for many years or get a chance to have really unique photograph?
I know… Many of you are sentimentally and you want your dress in your box 🙂
But imagine just a simple situation. You are sitting with your friends and drinking some mojitos.
What would be more cool? Tell them how beautiful dress do you have in your box, or show the amazing pictures from your thrash-the-dress session?

Yes, and what it actually is? Thrash the dress session is a bridal session usually after the wedding. There almost sure that there’s only one possible think how you can use your dress after and it’s really trash.
For example beach. Did you try to get in the water with your dress? If not, let’s try it with something cheap and you will understand what about I’m writing here. And better photographer, less chance to safe the dress but it means better pictures!

This bridal session was simply amazing. We decided to do it early morning at the beach. The weather was really not the best one, but we wanted to try it at least. Really soon we realize that we got the best possible weather with clouds and wind. It wasn’t comfortable of corse, but what you wouldn’t do for great pictures, right?
And result? Let’s see. And please write your opinion…

bride sitting on the rock

trash the dress session

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