White Rolls Royce, Sundy House and Ocean

White Rolls Royce, Sundy House and Ocean

A white Rolls Royce, Sundy House and the Atlantic Ocean, is such a gorgeous combination for a wedding. There was one big surprise for us when we came to Sundy House. Our groom John looked like James Bond. Look at picture and you have see it as well. Brides makeup done by Cleo Jorge was awesome and we got one of our most gorgeous couple there. It was still not everything. They arrived in beautiful vintage white Rolls Royce. So we began with some cool wedding portraits. With this car and so gorgeous looking couple you just can’t take bad pictures. But what we captured belongs to my most favorite wedding pictures ever.

After this was lovely ceremony in gazebo in Sundy House gardens. Only few people from closest family and it was warm. I just remember one moment when I nearly fell from gazebo edge to the water. I saw smile on John’s face.

Then we took pictures inside beautiful tropical Sundy House gardens and family group shots. Right after brunch I “kidnapped” them in my car to the private beach in Delray Beach where we took few cool beach portraits although strong wind. At the end John asked me to capture his hand made wooden ring holder. I decided to do it on the sand with the view to the ocean. After few minutes comes a big wave and holder with both rings swam away. When I saw it, I jumped to the ocean in my shoes to catch it. No you can see, that this wedding will be in my memories for long long time.
Thank You Joline and John for perfect time spent together!

All pictures from this amazing wedding are in gallery and here is the slide show video.

wedding photography inside the old Rolls Royce at Sundy House

Inside the rolls royce with a portrait photograph at Sundy House

bride and groom wedding toast at Sundy House

James Bond style groom at Sundy House in Delray

bride and groom under bamboo trees at the Sundy House gardens in Delray Beach

pink and white rose wedding bouquet at Sundy House

black and white wedding ceremony photograph at Sundy House in Delray Beach, FL

Gulfstream Golf Club wedding More beach pictures in gallery.

Joline and John’s Wedding
venue: Sundy House, Delray Beach
officiant: Arlene Goldman
limo: A Classy Affair
photography by Jan Freire

This is what Joline and John wrote about us: We were very pleased with the wedding photos we received from Freire Photography. He was very easy to work with and very flexible with our ideas. He captured a lot of great moments while being very discrete and went above and beyond our expectations. He even ran into the ocean to retreive our wedding rings…. it’s a long story!” More testimonials are here.

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