Advice of the Month

Advice of the Month

I receive numerous questions about the kind of camera I use and what kind of camera I would recommend using for taking pictures. I have great advice for those of you with questions. You might think that the camera is what takes the perfect picture, but that is not true. The key to taking a quality picture is in the eye and how to distinguish good lighting. Amazing pictures can be taken with an old camera if you know how to find the right setting.

Would you want to go to an event or even traveling with a big professional camera? I wouldn’t. When I am taking random pictures that are not for professional work, I use my Nikon 1 or my iPhone. Find out more information on the Nikon 1 and other compact cameras, and you will see that the quality is brilliant and the cameras are small and easy to carry. I love the camera and recommend it to anyone interested in taking pictures.

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All my 13 most important Q&A for hiring me as a wedding photographer you can find here.

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