Light In Love

The sun shining on this bride and groom makes this image glisten with love. We love the gentle hug from the bride to the groom that is so sensual at the same time. The yacht in the background is the perfect way to represent setting sail on new beginnings in life. The sunlight on the green grass represents growth of the new couple that only love can join together. The dress is elegantly displayed on the dock with a sophistication that only this image can capture. The way that the groom is holding his bride makes us see that he is protecting her in their new walk through life together. Although the bride has a simple appearance with her hair and makeup, she exudes the beauty that a bride in love can display. This picture captures the full emotion and love of a couple who has recently been joined together by marriage.

Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Dock Wedding

More pictures from Chris and Dana’s Wedding held at Lighthouse Point Yacht Club are in our portfolio gallery.

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