What pictures will you get from your wedding?

What pictures will you get from your wedding?

My clients know that they get 300-600 pictures from their Big day. In this folder are all good pictures with basic editing. It depends on budget you chose, there is also second file, which name is Best. And it’s my special selection. This selection is available with enhanced or magazine style editing.

When I choose pictures for this special selection, I choose something that will capture the atmosphere of the wedding. The pictures need to paint a picture of the romance of the day without saying a word. I want my pictures to give the illustration of two people being in love, and when someone sees that picture, they automatically get that feeling between the couple.

I want people who were not at the wedding to feel like they were in attendance through the delicate touches and the way that the couple looks into each other’s eyes. And that’s the reason why there are also a lot of details and special moments. I know… every picture of the wedding is important for you, but I want to give the families I work with the best picture selection possible so that they will cherish the day forever instead of for one day. And my selection is often made more like for others than just for closest family members.

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