Meet Lukas, our European Destination Wedding Photographer

Meet Lukas, our European Destination Wedding Photographer

Let’s meet Lukas Konarik, our European Destination Wedding Photographer, next member of our Wedding Meets Fashion team. Do you plan some romantic and you dream about your destination wedding in Europe? Whether your plan is for Prague, Italy or France, you can hire Lukas. We know him and he is amazing guy and even better photographer. Lukas is an award winning destination wedding photographer. He currently lives in Prague and he does engagement, wedding and portrait photography in Prague, Vienna, London, Salzburg, Paris, Tuscany and other cities around the Europe. His photography style is modern, fresh and cinematic. Lukas has been recently selected for membership to the prestigous International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers! And here is a small interview with him:

Lukas Konarik destination wedding photographer1. When did you find your first interest in photography?
Really first time ? Thought question, maybe it was in my childhood. My father had some analog cameras and I had lend them secretly sometimes. (well, it was the secret until developing the film in a darkroom by my father :)) Then I had looong time without any camera. In early digital days I bought cheap digital compact camera and discover my passion again. After that I bought my first DSLR and everything started … today I am carrying a trolley with several lenses and two camera bodies + some lighting equipment.

2. What kind of photography you do and what kind you love mostly?
You know, I do wedding photography most of the time. I simply love it. I also love food and food photography as well Wedding photography brings me opportunity to won multiple awards in ISPWP contests. I am very proud of it, because there’s too many good competitors. It couldn’t happened without clients and I am very glad that they chose me and trusted me.

3. Why weddings?
Simply, it’s a challenge! If you’re food photographer you got theoretically a plenty of time to make a great photo. If you’re fashion photographer there’s a lot of people around you who helps you do the best job. But wedding photography is only about you, your personality and your clients. I think it’s a big challenge to deliver stunning and unforgettable photographs to them.

4. If you were not a photographer, what would you be doing?
Photography is my part time job at the moment. I am web developer most of the working days. I like the idea combining both half of my brain – the logical one and the creative one.

5. What’s your favorite type of locations?
I am mostly based in Prague, Czech republic. The city itself is a great location, but I have some most favorite places to go there.

6. Where’s your favorite place for wedding pictures?
I like european cities and exotic places as well. I personally like Santorini. It is most beautiful place I have ever been. But don’t get me wrong, I love Paris for shooting engagement or pre-wedding portraits too! And of course everywhere else where are good people and good lighting

7. What is your favorite moment to shoot in a wedding?
All kind of emotions. Laugh, tears, surprising moments like when groom see the bride for the first time, when couple showing their love to each other during portrait session and many more.

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