Why Wedding Meets Fashion?

Why Wedding Meets Fashion?

Why Wedding Meets Fashion? It’s question I’m often asked. And here is my answer.
I have been taking fashion pictures for 20 years. It is a crazy job that can be fun at the same time. The business also involves making a fake picture out of an artificial. Fashion photography involves a lot of darkness that you might see in a zombie or horror movie. Some of the poses and styles work well with the fashions and the backgrounds. And this is the dark side of fashion, which I don’t like anymore.

One friend of mine told me one day, that she “enjoys my pictures that celebrate life and all things beautiful, happy and glamorous! Travel, Fashion, Glamour, Sweets…passions!

Yes, I celebrate life and enjoy the passion that comes with taking pictures. I love the colors used and the joy that fashion brings to my life. When I take pictures, I divide my passion for beauty with pure emotion. This is easy to do in wedding pictures because the day is about the happiness between the bride, groom, family and friends. The tears are even beautiful on a wedding day. This is how I discovered my passion for my Wedding Meets Fashion concept. It’s my fashion background, my passion for pure beauty with all other photography skills together.

Other friend of mine said: “Happily Ever After”; not only in fairytales! A joint union of love should be one of life’s most celebrated memories. Jan Freire; one of South Florida’s Leading High Profile Portrait Photographers is here to help you capture your story. Through his unique “Wedding Meets Fashion” concept, Jan creates moment by moment and breathtaking, magical memories that last a lifetime. For better or worse, loosing yourself in his impeccable work is guaranteed to make you fall in love all over again! Just in case you need to be further convinced, take a gander www.WeddingMeetsFashion.com


So if you plan your wedding or engagement soon, visit our Wedding Meets Fashion web page and contact us.
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