Sarah and Tyler Clearwater Wedding

Sarah and Tyler Clearwater Wedding

Sarah and Tyler Clearwater Wedding

Next wedding at gorgeous Clearwater Beaches. This one was held at Shephard’s Beach Resort. Sunny Floridian Saturday, nice and cool people, great DJ, tasty food and a lot of fun. The sun during ceremony was really too strong, but later we got fabulous sunset a we were able to capture some amazing bridal portraits and group shots.
Here are just few of them.



Wedding captured with Sony A99

I got a nice review from Sarah: “Jan did a phenomenal job! I had contracted Jan for 5 hours and he showed up on time and stayed until the end. He took some beautiful pictures at sunset. We had told him we wanted a lot of candid shot and he did not fail to deliver. He even came to Clearwater Beach from Miami and didn’t charge me a travel fee! I could not be happier with my decision to hire him, I would definitely recommend him!


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