How do we deliver your images?

How do we deliver your images?

This is one of the most often asked questions. Almost each couple or client asking about this. And we have set many option for you of course.

#1 most preferable and contemporary option is an Online Gallery
I must admit the we deliver 90% of our content this way. It’s convenient for everyone and has many advantages. It actually takes no time to deliver it, we just press the send button and it is. Client can view their images, share the gallery with family and friends. They can either buy prints directly from that gallery or if it was in contract, they can directly download all edited digital files into their computer. So there is no brainer, why this is most used way of delivery images to our clients.

#2 I do have clients who say “I’m old school and I want something solid”.
For this case we have awesome USB memory cards. I actually fell in love with the idea of storing clients digital media on such a customizable product that could really showcase our logo and brand identity.

What I really like about these USB cards is their recognizable shape and large print area. These drives fit into a wallet or purse, so you can carry them all the time. If you like it too, I’m gonna be that good guy and tell you even the source where you can order them. You can contact Jeff at USB Memory direct.


#3 option is for clients they just do not like digitals. So we deliver prints instead!
This is the way how we used to work 10 years ago actually. And we still like it and prefer this way. But we know that everything has changed and most of our clients prefer just first option nowadays.


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