Eva and Jula | Miami Beach Wedding

Eva and Jula | Miami Beach Wedding

Another small destination wedding for people from middle Europe. Jula got my contact from someone I even don’t know and it worked out perfectly. I suggested them perfect oceanside venue for small wedding, gorgeous bridal bouquet, awesome officiant and even small cake. And of course photography.

Eva and Jula came with closest friends to Miami to get married and to explore Florida afterwards. Wedding took place at Sóle on the Ocean in Sunny Isles. Smaller family owned hotel with perfect spot for wedding ceremony between hotel and the beach. Ceremony was planned for sunset time and right after we had still time to do some great pictures.

As you could know me already, I suggested them to have 2 bottles of “bubbles” and my plan was to do some pictures in the water. Well we started with champagne shaking. There was almost no leftover from 2 bottles. Big fun for pictures, but nothing to drink.

Eva fortunately own her dress so they were kind of ok with my idea to jump to the ocean. Of course there was a try to get dry us possible, until one bigger wave came and then we just jumped to the hotel pool. My 11th real wedding couple in the water!!! Let me know how you like the pictures btw 😉

wedding venue: Sóle on the Ocean
bridal bouquet: Blake Roses
officiant: Arlene Goldman
photography: Jan Freire

Captured with Sony A99


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