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I know that there is more wedding photography styles, as first are two that I can think of, good and bad. Different parts of the day call for different styles. Trying to label a photographer as just one is very limiting. There’s actually only one, called wedding photography, a style that merge all styles in Read more ..

Did you know that not having an bridal and engagement photography session can have an impact on the outcome of your wedding photographs? Finding the perfect wedding photographer is obviously important to every couple getting married. However, aside from having additional memories to cherish, the majority of couples are not aware of the significance of Read more ..

Engagement Session … hmmm I realized that wedding pictures can be taken by the best photographers or by freaks with great courage. I will write more about this theme soon. Now I would like to write just few words about engagement photography. Yesterday I created my Pinterest album – Engagement inspiration and I realized the Read more ..

Do you want Wedding photography for free? If you enter the phrase “wedding vendors price negotiating” into Google, a million different sites will pop up about how to negotiate prices. And my answer is: Yes, it’s possible… at any time! I love photography. And yes I would love to do it just for pictures and Read more ..

Maybe most common question I’m getting from my clients and friends. It’s about Wedding Photographer Equipment. Q: What equipment do you use? I have really simple answer guys. A: Sorry but, why do you ask me about my equipment, if you saw my photos? If I’m using the best camera in the world, would you Read more ..

This is a question I’m getting from each client and there is no answer to that question except – you will get all good pictures. During your wedding day I’m taking approximately 1,000 – 2,000 pictures, depending on the wedding duration and chosen package. On at least half of those pictures you will have closed Read more ..

How much does a Wedding Photographer cost? A lot of people think that prices of wedding photographer are to high. Yes, it’s right! I can’t say nothing to that. There is just really important to know, how much I spend to give you your final images and how much I really get. I’m pretty sure, Read more ..

Ask any former bride or groom what they value the most from their wedding day (besides their spouse) and they’ll tell you, “our wedding photos!”. So I advice you to find and speak with your wedding photographer first. A good wedding planner can help you put together a really solid and flexible timeline, but don’t Read more ..

We all know that wedding days can be very stressful, especially if things start to run late. The last thing you want is to feel rushed on your wedding day. You should be relaxed, happy and focused on what’s important: marrying your life partner and celebrating with your loved ones. The best way to do Read more ..

Not everyone needs really good Wedding Photographer… Most people think they can hire cheapest one or maybe their friend is able to do it for meal. But then you’re not most people are you? And your wedding pictures isn’t going to be the ones most people have. Your wedding pictures is going to be the Read more ..