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Why Wedding Meets Fashion? It’s question I’m often asked. And here is my answer. I have been taking fashion pictures for 20 years. It is a crazy job that can be fun at the same time. The business also involves making a fake picture out of an artificial. Fashion photography involves a lot of darkness Read more ..

My clients know that they get 300-600 pictures from their Big day. In this folder are all good pictures with basic editing. It depends on budget you chose, there is also second file, which name is Best. And it’s my special selection. This selection is available with enhanced or magazine style editing. When I choose pictures for Read more ..

Have you heard about Green Photo Studio already? If you’re one of the many couples today who are environmentally-focused, consider going green with your wedding photos. Traditional wedding photography studios focus on sales of hard-copy prints, which damage the environment and can be difficult to share. At our Wedding Meets Fashion Studio, we take a Read more ..

Miami Wedding Photographer Jan Freire said. “I have been working in fashion photography field for more than 20 years. And I newer experienced in my fashion photographer career so lovely and dreamy expression as during the wedding day. Bride and Groom are mostly excited and happy and maybe even best actors are not able to Read more ..

Since I read this True Love Story, We have made a decision to provide our wedding photography services in Florida to at least 10 lower budget weddings in 2013. For couples who cannot afford an expensive photographer. Jan Freire is doing this to help a few lucky couples receive amazing photographs and memories from their Read more ..

Really interesting information which posts each year The Knot for us. Based on the largest nationwide sample of any bridal study. Nearly 18,000 US brides, including luxury and average brides. I see our rates are really average right now 🙂 And today I found a second, really good source, where you can compare these numbers. Read more ..

Boudoir photography sessions are tasteful photos that hint at sexiness. Every person has their own idea of what sexy is as well as what they are comfortable with. These sessions are cute, fun, sexy, flirty and even a bit sensual all the while maintaining your comfort level. They are often done as gifts for the Read more ..

This is our preferred vendors list, let’s call it suggestion list. Here are only Miami and South Florida vendors. Besides wedding photography we can offer or recommend you many other wedding related services. It’s always better to work with trusted vendor or friend and it’s better also for wedding couple, because we know each other Read more ..

I know that there is more wedding photography styles, as first are two that I can think of, good and bad. Different parts of the day call for different styles. Trying to label a photographer as just one is very limiting. There’s actually only one, called wedding photography, a style that merge all styles in Read more ..

Did you know that not having an bridal and engagement photography session can have an impact on the outcome of your wedding photographs? Finding the perfect wedding photographer is obviously important to every couple getting married. However, aside from having additional memories to cherish, the majority of couples are not aware of the significance of Read more ..