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Wedding Meets Fashion by Freire Photography Sarasota is oriented to offer you the best style and quality of photos to document and memorize your big life events and ceremonies and keep it in mind for you and your future generations. Lasting tradition allows and promises the highest standards of services and remains in hearts of Read more ..

Do you want a wedding album but have little money to spend on one? We have something for you! We can provide affordable wedding albums that are beautifully detailed. We also provide more colors and types of covers. Here you can see croc-embossed leather album which has a contemporary, textured look and feel. Up to Read more ..

I receive numerous questions about the kind of camera I use and what kind of camera I would recommend using for taking pictures. I have great advice for those of you with questions. You might think that the camera is what takes the perfect picture, but that is not true. The key to taking a Read more ..

Have you heard about Green Photo Studio already? If you’re one of the many couples today who are environmentally-focused, consider going green with your wedding photos. Traditional wedding photography studios focus on sales of hard-copy prints, which damage the environment and can be difficult to share. At our Wedding Meets Fashion Studio, we take a Read more ..

iPad is the Way to Go! If you belong to engaged couples which are environmentally focused, and making green choices for their wedding. We try to be as green as possible, we really love our Earth! When seeking out a South Florida wedding photographer, consider that you could also be spending an average of $500 Read more ..

Why don’t try to do some fun for our lovely pets? I saw already a lot fabulous pictures from dogs weddings and I would really love to capture one. If you are thinking of this crazy idea, let me know, you are getting a great price for this! Yes, and why I’m writing this blog? Read more ..

Since I read this True Love Story, We have made a decision to provide our wedding photography services in Florida to at least 10 lower budget weddings in 2013. For couples who cannot afford an expensive photographer. Jan Freire is doing this to help a few lucky couples receive amazing photographs and memories from their Read more ..

I just found something really cool. The app for your wedding! Collect every photo taken at your wedding with Wedding Party! Invite guests to your app and watch them upload photos, comment on your wedding’s best moments, and tag their friends. It’s an entirely new way to experience your wedding, and it’s absolutely FREE! Your Read more ..

I found this great tip to prevent Memory Card Corruption, which is often responsible for losing your clients pictures. And it’s really simple. Just purchase one large card (64GB) and use that card solely, keeping it in your camera, never removing it, or allowing it to get lost, bent, impacted, or damaged. This can be Read more ..

Do you love each other and you want to get married but your budget isn’t thousands of dollars? Get inspiration from this small wedding which had this couple in their backyard. Without any wedding planner, DJ or catering. If you think about it more you will find out that place and budget isn’t important at Read more ..