Spanish Monastery Wedding Photographer

Spanish Monastery Wedding Photographer

Spanish Monastery Wedding Photographer about this venue. You don’t need a passport to go to Spain. It’s here in North Miami Beach. What was once The Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux and home for over 700 monks has now become ideal tourist attraction. Episcopal Church, St. Bernard De Clairvaox is still active. No matter what your religion, you will admire the inspiring and beautiful architecture that you can see here.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery was brought from Spain in 1925 by millionaire William Randolph Hearst. He dismantled every stone and had it shipped to America. For over 25 years due to his unexpected financial problems all pieces was remained in storage in Brooklyn. Later in 1952 they were purchased by two wealthy historians and rebuilt in North Miami Beach. The process wan not simple, it took two years and $1.5 million dollars, but what results today is truly a worldwide effort to bring a beautiful and culturally significant monastery back to life.

Spanish Monastery is really beautiful, special to take pictures and walk around feeling the peace and the good vibes. It’s really popular wedding spot. I enjoyed the weddings at this place really well. It’s my favorite spot to shoot nice wedding pictures, because I love history. If you choose Spanish Monastery for your wedding we provide you with outstanding photography services. Just take a look at our work and contact us for more detail and availability today!


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